Ropes Retreat Packing List

Ropes Retreat Packing List  

What to BringA few words of advice:

ü  Activities happen rain or shine so be sure to pack appropriately!

ü  Bring old clothes. New clothes will come home looking very old!

ü  All items should be marked with your child’s name

ü  Students should be limited to one suitcase, backpack,  orduffle bag!



_____ Warm sleeping bag

_____ Pillow (optional)


____  _Pajamas (or something to sleep in that you haven’t been wearing all day)

_____ Walking Shoes (2 pairs)

             Socks and Underwear (plenty)

            Shirts (heavy & light-weight)

            Warm Sweater or Sweatshirt

            Long Pants (2 pairs)

            Raincoat, Rain pants

            Waterproof boots

            Shorts (during May, June, September)   

            Warm jacket

            Hat and gloves/mittens

            Plastic bag for dirty clothing


_____ Toothbrush and toothpaste (please!)

_____ Soap

_____ Towel and washcloth

 _____ Sunscreen lotion, lip salve

_____ Medications (Give to Mr.S)

_____ Hand towel for cabin bathrooms (No paper towels)

_____ Comb or brush

Camp Equipment

_____ Water bottle for hiking

____ Small backpack for carrying extra jacket, water, journal etc

_____ Flashlight/Headlamp


            Inexpensive camera  (Label with name & school)

______ Fun stuff for cabin time (cards?)

Special Items ( Mandatory)

______ Crazy Outfit

______ Sharing Item (we”ll explain in class)

 Do Not Bring

ü  Money or other Valuables (unless school has requested the camp store be open).

ü  Fishing Rods, Bikes, Roller blades, Skateboards

ü  Radios, Tape/CD players, Electronic Games, Cell Phones, Hairdryers or other electric appliances

ü  Knives, Matches, Fireworks

ü  Food, Candy, Gum, Soda Pop or other Beverages