Social Studies Curriculum Summary

Social Studies
Curriculum Summary

Text: The American Journey, McGraw Hill Teacher: Ted Mohrbacher

The seventh and eighth grade social studies curriculum covers U.S. history, Current Events, Washington State History, and World Geography. The units are designed using the Theory of Multiple Intelligence as a model to accommodate a wide variety of learning styles. We will examine our content through art, music, guided readings, cooperative groups, debate, research, lecture/notes, simulations, written assignments, field trips, student presentations, and guest speakers. The following is a general outline of the junior high social studies curriculum.


I. Native Americans & The age of Exploration

II. Colonization

III. Revolution

IV. The Constitution

V. New Government (Washington – Madison)

VI. Industrial Revolution and Expansion

VII. The Civil War and Reconstruction

VIII. The West, The Progressives, and The 2nd Industrial Revolution


X. The Roaring Twenties and The Great Depression


XII. The Cold war

Washington State History- Washington State History requirements are integrated into the US history curriculum. Standards not covered in class are included in a Washington State History Project during the 8th grade year.

Geography – Each month the students will be working on a map or a culture project to increase our awareness of the world around us.

Current Events – Students will work with newspapers and other sources to stay informed and develop opinions on current issues in our world. We have a class subscription the the Upfront current events magazine.

Goals: Students will:
-Analyze the historical development of events and people of the Untied States.
-Develop an understanding of the diverse cultures and places of the world.
-Develop personal opinions about current events and social issues.
-Examine basic political, economic, and civic concepts.


  • Always be prepared.
  • Always pay attention.
  • Participate.